Is Social media taking over our lives? // Grown-ish S1E8

Wow. I really watched this episode and then disappeared down a 2-hour blackhole of watching people on YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp. I have learnt nothing.

Like Big Sean said, I need to stick to the plan, stay focused. It’s crazy how much the internet can distract us. The tool used to bring the world together can often seem like it is making us lose ourselves in the process.

GROWN-ISH - "Erase Your Social" - Zoey lands the fellowship of her dreams at Teen Vogue, but her reputation and job are put on the line when she reveals too much on social media. This episode of Ògrown-ishÓ airs Wednesday, February 14 (8:00 - 8:31 p.m. EST) on Freeform. (Freeform/Eric McCandless)<br /> YARA SHAHIDI

Social Media was Zoey’s struggle in this week’s episode. Whilst acknowledging that social media was quickly taken over, she was struggling with her own addiction to oversharing and gaining followers and likes. When her new boss, at her new high profile internship at Teen Vogue, warns her about not being an embarrassment online, Zoey goes on a social media fast. Cold turkey.

This does wonders for her focus at work; however, as she is suddenly out of the internet bubble, Zoey can see the effects that these platforms are having on her peers. The obsession with having an online presence whilst simultaneously lacking as their offline selves.


This struggle for millennials is real and this week’s ep bears the question:

Is social media taking over our lives?


My answer is an overwhelming yes because when was the last time you woke up and didn’t check your phone? Or scroll down your endless feed for hours or worse, you’ve reached the end of your timeline(Damn it twitter!).


The internet is saturated with websites and apps but there are a few reigning social media champions which we all know and love. Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter are the main captivators of our time.


And yes it has changed our lives for the better. Many of us use these apps to check up on the latest news, find out what our friends are getting up to and access a plethora of informative and instructional guides. These days there are even social networking sites which allow us to find jobs which means that our online presence can be life-changing. Showcasing and sharing your talents online can bring new ventures to your door with a giant audience being able to interact and communicate with you.

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Nevertheless, there is a downside. We feed into a lot of information and images which aren’t useful and much of our time can be taken as we fall into the destructive cycle of focusing on the work of others and not our own. Social jealousy is very real. When all you see is pretty girls on holiday with clear skin, nice houses, drowning in money, you can get it into your head that you’re not doing enough, or don’t look good enough.


We are living double lives. Glossier than our offline selves. Online there seems to be the unspoken rule that you can only post the highlights of your life. This is mostly seen through imagery and videos. When we are happy or on holiday, out with friends or having a new experience, this is when we should post and we should frame it in the most flattering way possible or risk the wrath of the internet trolls. That being said, there is a longing for authenticity online, it’s what people really connect with.


This change is not necessarily a bad thing. Social media has opened so many doors for those who would not previously be able to gain access to such an audience. A new type of content creator has emerged. The blogger and vlogger are social media focused careers which are giving small content creators platforms to showcase their talents and tap into a larger audience.


We won’t stop checking our timelines anytime soon but once in a while its refreshing to take a break and talk face to face, the number one type of socialisation.


Are you obsessed with social media? Let me know in the comments how many times you check your timeline every day.


Thanks for reading 🙂


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