Unbreak my heart // Grown-ish S1E7

I missed a few weeks but I’m back!


Grown-ish is once again hitting us with those life lessons.


Zoey is not taking this heartbreak well at all and has been going through the motions these last 3 weeks since Cash Mooney dumped her. Instead of her to be hitting the gym, she has just been going through packets of crisps and pizza, causing her to feel even more tired, grouchy and unready to face the reality of her breakup. I have been lucky enough not to have experienced real heartbreak but with the help of a few situationships and crushes, I can definitely empathise with Zoey’s emotions. Finding out that the person you wanted to spend all your time with and grow with doesn’t feel the same way or worse yet, wants somebody else is a horrible thing to go through.

And can you believe, she is still texting the guy! I remember all the times I would do the same, repeatedly start talking to a guy, with my friends just rolling their eyes at me.I’d tell them that I was over him this time knowing that this contact would just reignite the imagined love story I had put in storage.We need to stop this nonsense of communicating and imagining a false future with men who have stated their intentions. I know this can be hard, all the emotions are now involved, you’re invested, but it really is for the better.

Nevertheless, episodes with scenes like those featured this week are my favourite. Set in one location and focused on a few personal relationships between the characters.

I love scenes like these, my favourites being in the shows ‘Atlanta’ and ‘Insecure’ in which they both share these emotional exchanges with their best friends. This was a change as it focused on a group but still with the same goal of ultimately providing honest support. What I love about these moments are the harsh truths that the friends tell each other. You know you have real friends when you can look them in the eye and call them out on their nonsense.

The strongest running theme throughout this episode for me was the importance of having good friends. Those who are willing to help you get out of your slump and back to living your best life. Maybe chasing down those negative thoughts with vodka isn’t the best of ideas but it’s better than wallowing in bed. It is such a blessing to have people who will sit and listen to your drama, offer suggestions and still be by your side even after you’ve made poor decisions. A gentle reminder for us to be that friend for that someone in need.

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