Grownish S1E4: Catch Up / Reflection

Since I’m still watching Grown-ish I’ve decided to carry on these weekly updates of Zoey’s progress. Zoey is finally turning into me! An awkward youth! So let me live my American dream.

This weeks episode opens with Zoey explaining that millennials experience a greater pressure of having their lives figured out by the age of 25. In the midst of turning 25 myself, she is preaching to the choir because I feel this way all the time. Cash Mooney, the new student at Cal U, who the college has given a scholarship in the hopes of being a star, is currently feeling this pressure also. When his grades start to drop and his ball game becomes disastrous he starts to see his athletic dreams slip away.

It turns out that he wasn’t interested in Zoey’s beauty to pursue her but to aid in him keeping track with his work. Cash knew that he would not want to look stupid in front of a pretty girl. Our protagonist is swayed by knowing this even though he almost blew his opportunity by turning up late to his first study session with Zoey. Their fall out is quickly turned around and they fall into an instant friendship.

Ah young Aaron, your ego got a little bruised this week. And Zoey was lovin’ it.

It seems that though Aaron had dumped Zoey over her double timing dating his feelings remain and this new handsome giant is now a threat.

A nice touch in this episode is Zoey’s response to Cash’s underachievement in his sport. She encouraged him to use his other talents in videography & film and not waste the opportunity of being at a prestigious university for free. Cash, like a lot of us, had focused his whole life on this one thing that he was good at and without it, he was willing to waste such a good opportunity. In the same way, do a lot of us get fixated on things in our lives that when they are taken away we feel our identity is gone. This for me was a lovely reminder that we are not 1-dimensional characters in our own lives and should take the time to learn and explore all our talents and interests.

Now let’s get into episode 5, see ya next week!


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