6 Healthy Habits to Start in Your 20’S

Bits of me are breaking every day. I need a remedy.

Everything happened one after the other. I had the flu, a dysfunctional hip and the black bags under my eyes were spreading the truth that I had underslept for months now. To top it all off my tooth was hurting and the closest appointment was a week away.
I couldn’t even complain too loudly because about half of these issues were my own doing. Too many late nights and sugary foods had taken me here and I needed to be the one to get me out.

I’m getting old-er.

And I can feel the effects.

At the tender age of 24 years old, this is ridiculous. I am in my prime, I should still be able to do all nighters and eat pizza for breakfast. But I am rapidly seeing that those days are behind me. If I continue this behaviour into my thirties and forties I can imagine that I’ll be feeling much worse.
Yikes! I need to make some changes quickly.

Healthy Habits to Start in your 20s

Increase your water intake

This is one that I know I’ve almost got down, I’m known for always carrying a water bottle with me which I try my best to drink. The challenge with this is to actually get to 2 litres a day, especially on the move when the worry of toilet availability is on my mind. The best remedy for this is to buy a refillable bottle of a litre or 2 so that you can track your intake daily, like this one.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Sometimes I feel that I need even more than this. Probably because I got 4 hours the night before and I was out again today until midnight so now I’m knackered. Nighttime is when the party begins right? Well, not when you have work, early in the morning the next day and you’re stumbling out of bed with just enough time to put your clothes on. This behaviour day in and day out can take a toll on the body. Twitter after dark is lit, I understand. But if you can occasionally catch up the next morning and manage to eat your breakfast too, I think that’s a winner.

 Eat a few fruit and veg

With my problem mentioned in the last point about coming home late and going out. This is not giving me a lot of room to prepare healthy meals or even shop for the ingredients. Often I forget about the advantages of good food. Food is literally the driving force that enables you to have enough energy to be active, thinking and moving. Notice how you feel after that massive carb filled meal. Like you want to sleep, right? You’ve eaten enough for a marathon and all you’re going to do is watch tv. You’ve put the wrong fuel in your tank. If you want to feel amazing and have enough energy to take you through the day make sure you’re eating well-balanced meals.

Go to your checkups

Now that we are doing this adulting thing,  are you going to the dentist; booking doctors appointments and optician appointments at least yearly for a checkup? Putting in the work of body maintenance can only be helpful. It is always better to find out what problems you are having while they are minor so that you can make sure you fix them. This year I turn 25 so I will soon get that letter to get a smear test for cervical cancer in the UK…I’m not looking forward to it but I’m glad that they are checking.

Do a little exercise

The gym is overrated and can cause you to fall into some bad habits. I know for myself I can be swayed to stay home when the weather isn’t right or my friend doesn’t join me. If you can’t exercise at home, by all means, go but I always encourage my friends to open up YouTube, put on their favourite workout video and go at it. It’s quick and easy, you don’t even have to leave your room and your already doing your part to alleviate stress, tiredness and high blood pressure.

Taking care of the outside

They say it’s only the inside that matter but youth is judged from the outside. In order to keep looking like the hot spices we are we need to make sure we can fight the elements against us. Making sure to look after your hair, skin and nails can make you feel great and more prepared for the world. Try to keep up with cutting your hair and nails when they start to feel and keep your skin subtle – I like to use shea butter but you can use whatever natural oil of your choice

Looking at my own list I know that this can seem long but the 30-year-old you will thank you for it.

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