Zoey Gets Grown

All grown up and off to college, the Black-ish spinoff follows Dre Johnson’s(Andre Anderson) eldest daughter ,Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi), on a journey to discover herself at Cal U. Unlike in high school, ‘College Zoey’ is discovering that she doesn’t have it all figured it out. She falls down from the cool girl to slightly awkward newbie. A lovely contrast to the self absorbed teen we are used to seeing.

Stuck in drone class, the main group of friends are birthed from telling the stories of how they missed registration. From hot passions in the toilets to smoking weed in the courtyard, their mishaps bring the unlikely group together. With the rebellious bisexual Nomi, hot activist Aaron, the aspiring rapper and drug dealing Viveck, free-spirited Luca, and spirited track runners Jazz and Sky quickly close together.

How is Grown-ish any different to Black-ish you ask?

  • Well, with Zoey, Grown-ish are expanding their socially conscious wings out of the realm of black-focused issues and mixing in some of the trials of young adulthood. Dealing with peer pressure, drugs, sex, alcohol and fitting in.
  • There is swearing! And it is no longer bleeped out, full on profanity. That means we get to hear the not so little Chloe x Halle (who portray twin sisters Sky and Jazz on the show) get b*****y (swearing still is blocked here though). The Youtube stars are also the voice of the show through the melodic theme tune at the beginning.
  •  Instead of the voiceovers in the parent show, the protagonist’s ‘Fourth wall’ moments, where she breaks the scene and talks directly to the audience, help us to get a better understanding of how Zoey is feeling.

 Now I’m just gonna say it, I was not a big fan of these first two intro episodes at all. Everything felt too forced. When have you ever made a group of friends so easily? On your first day of class? I mean really, by the end of the class they were crying actual tears. In the LOL department, this show definitely has some growing to do. Episode 3 so far has been the funniest but it still does not compare to the hilarity of Black-ish.

Episode 3 
I was thinking it, you were thinking it. We all thought that this episode would go down a little differently.
There were three fine men and exactly zero situations to risk taking plan B for. I guess the topic of contraception will be shown later on in the show…

Zoey’s usual poppin’ curls and braids weren’t featured in this weeks episode which was a disappointment to me as her hairstyles and style in general are one of the most interesting elements of her character. No fear though Zoey, I get it, hooking up took up your valuable hair wrapping time.

This show gets a 3.5/5 from me, it’s light-hearted, slightly raunchier and a nice additional alongside one of my already favs, Blackish.

Check out a preview of episode 4 below:

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