What’s My Natural Hair Type?

Last week I got tired of my hair in it’s blow dried texture (am I the only one who hates my hair like that) and decided to dunk my hair under the shower head. I truly feel the cleanest and most free when my whole body is covered in water. When I exited the bathroom and looked in the mirror I was shocked to see the mass of hair standing upright on my head.
When I took these photos I was surprised to see, up close, hair that I usually think of as being looser and more clumped, looking like a soft cloud upon my hair. It’s not like I don’t often wash my hair but  I don’t often allow my hair to be loose after washing it. Usually, it’s in some Bantu knots, plaits or twists.

I really love this look and how soft it felt after my treatment at the hairdressers. I took pictures of it immediately and was reflecting on why I don’t leave my hair like this often.
For one, there is the shrinkage, my hair is very prone to single strand knots and I’m growing tired of cutting them out so often. And with twisting my hair at night it will quickly be stretched out. I decided to enjoy my hair in the moment and snap these cute pictures of my lovely hair texture.

In the natural hair world, there is much discussion about the texture of our hair.
Many hair scales are used to distinguish the different types of curly hair there are from 9ether to LOIS and the andre walker hair typing system. The post popular is the scale of curly hair from 3a-4cyz is used to distinguish the different types of hair that we have. This can help you to find your twins on YouTube and blogs and but it misses out on many things.

Porosity – This is how well your hair absorbs and holds water
Density – Determined by the number of hairs you have on your head collectively, making it thinner or thicker overall
Length – How long or short your hair is from the roots to the ends.
Hair width – Whether your hair is fine or coarse determined by the individual hair strands.

When testing out a hairstyle or product, keep these things in mind and this will let you know where you will have to make adjustments to get a particular hairstyle or if that hairstyle is possible with the hair type that you have.

When I was younger I longed for pretty spiral curls that would hang down my back and ‘grow fast’. However the older I have become I’ve learned to truly love my hair. I aspire to learn how to care & style for it so that it can be in it’s healthiest state whilst passing on what i’ve learnt to everyone willing to hear.

Seeing my hair in these picture reminded me of the comments that I get from loved ones often who comment that their hair is not like mine and can’t grow. Their is always too thick, too dry and breaks combs.They have come to feel like their hair will be this way forever. I don’t blame them and would think the same if I continued to listen to uneducated stylists and family members and never too the time to understand my hair. To this day, even though I was bald not too long ago, people will tell me that everything I do is wrong and my hair will never be long.When you take the time to know your hair, how to keep it moisturised and styled then there is no reason why it will not flourish.

Next time you wash your hair, take some time to look in the mirror and experience your hair in its natural shrunken form.

One of my goals for 2018 is to grow longer healthier hair, if you need any help creating goals for this new year check out my previous post on creating goals here.

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