It’s the last day of the year and if you check online you’ll see long reflective paragraphs from people writing down what they would like to achieve for the year. Don’t let them have all the fun, 2018 is your chance to grow and be on the road to achieving everything you desire.
Follow these tips to smash your new year’s resolutions:
Make your goals specific 
We have all been  guilty of over generalising our goals, we want to ‘lose weight’, ‘make money’, ‘travel’ but don’t think about how we are going to make this happen or what this involves.
When you say you want to lose weight for example, list what your goal weight is, how many times you want to go to the gym, what dietary changes you will make in your life and why you want to make this change in the first place. Doing this with make the goal easier to begin and maintain and help you to keep track of it.
Divide your goals into categories
Goals can be very generic or lean more to one part of our lives. We don’t just want to improve in one area, our lives are multifaceted and it its great to make advances in each area. By breaking these areas down into smaller segments you can reflect on whether this area has room for improvement and it also makes navigating your list easier. Examples of categories include: relationships, mental health, finance and career.*
Highlight goals as you achieve them 
Throughout the year, to keep yourself motivated and on track, it is important to highlight the goals which you have achieved and remind yourself of those that you still have left to achieve. Going back to this list and reflecting on your achievements can the push you need on those low days when you’re feeling unfulfilled.
Review goals 
Throughout the year, for instance, every three months, you should review the goals that you have set. Some may no longer be relevant in your life. For others, you may have overachieved and now need to set higher goals. Life also does not always go to plan so there may be reasons why you can no longer achieve what you set out to do in the beginning, this is just the nature of life. What is important is to set your self back up on a new fulfilling path.
Leave room for unexpected goals
This is a special section which will be a blessing for the end of the year. We tend to be hard on ourselves for sometimes not achieving everything that we wanted and forget to factor in the things we have achieved that we did not even plan for. These are the bonus achievements which we should remind ourselves to be proud of.
I hope that this list will help you to put your new year’s resolutions into motion and I wish you the best in all your endeavours. Be reminded that you are a special individual who has the potential to achieve great things if you just put in the effort behind your plans.
*To help you out I have made a goals template which you can download here.



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