Self Promotion vs Self Esteem

Promoting myself has never been something I’ve been good at. I’ve admired those who are able to do so, confidently and freely. A person who comes to mind is Shameless Maya, a creator on YouTube who decided to shamelessly promote her passions and is doing amazingly well for herself years on. She knew that she had something to offer and was determined to let the world know. This may be easy to do when you feel you have skills to share but when you feel the opposite, then this shameless promotion malarky can seem impossible.

I have been my worst enemy for most of my life, I tell myself I can’t do things, aren’t good enough and won’t even let myself begin before I’m shutting the idea down. My self-esteem isn’t the highest and elevating it is a daily struggle and it is stifling my growth. How can I ever achieve my highest potential, damn, even my moderate potential if I won’t even give myself a platform to stand on? Overcoming this negative internal voice and striving to pursue my goals and passions is key.

Reflective writing is a passion of mine. I think that taking out time to think about the reasons why you perform certain behaviours is important to mental stability and growth. I’m constantly looking to improve myself and I’m highly aware of all the ways that I fall short. However; knowing this is not enough for me to change. The steps of identifying personal shortfalls and carrying out the steps to “grow” are important.
So, I identified my issue: “I don’t think my content is good enough” and I decided that the only way that I would only get better would be to keep trying. Through this journey, I would still post my content online so that others, and most importantly myself, could look back on my progress and see what I have achieved.

I have been falling short of this as of late. Giving a lot of excuses as to why I haven’t made another video or post and refusing to share my current videos with others. Mortified when people see the things that I make, even when they tell me that it’s good and they enjoyed it. A small voice still tells me that I’m not good enough.

Life is hard. We are living in the days of the internet. It brings with it so many possibilities and with that, a LOT of competition. But others are not our competition, in this life, we should only compare to our past selves.

Three positive nuggets I’d like to leave with you today are:

We all have our individual talents. They may not start off as amazing but these can be improved
No matter how long you put something off, go back to it, there is still time
Just start, whatever you want to do. Just do it. (like Nike)

Thank you for reading my personal battle with being comfortable with myself and sharing my thoughts online. Have you ever felt similar? If you have, let me know your experience. And if you haven’t, help me to be more badass like you with a tip, on how to do it 🙂


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