Procrastination Nation: Tips To Get Stuff Done

I just spent two hours looking for a template on WordPress (this site is not on WordPress) whilst neglecting the search for my first car, simultaneously listening to a whole radio show and telling myself that I’m eventually going to start writing this post. 😐
What am I doing?

Procrastination is truly the work of the devil and has been silently distracting me from my destiny for years. All those times of saying I’ll do that thing tomorrow, or in an hour. Maybe I’ll start exercising next week. Apply for that job after this episode or get up in 5 minutes. These are the common little ways in which we delay our tasks and don’t get ‘ish done!
Aren’t you tired?
Don’t you want to reach that goal that you’ve had for years?
Well, listen up.
Remove ALL distractions
This point is especially important for myself as I can get lost in my own head.
  • Go somewhere without much clutter, noise or people, remove your devices and clear your mind of pending tasks.
  • Go offline – stay away from the internet unless it is absolutely necessary and even then, try not to stray off to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook (Try a website block like StayFocusd – remove your worst enemy: you).
Break it down
If the plan is to become a millionaire by next week then you’re only deluding yourself.
  • Break your goal down into small manageable tasks – this way you can remove the overwhelming feelings of trying to complete everything all at once.
    • These small measures of progress will help to maintain the momentum and in turn, make achieving the main goal more likely.
Pro Tip: Celebrate the small tasks achieved as you progress toward your goal – remind yourself of how far you have come.
Keep the goal in mind
Work without meaning will seem pointless.
  • Tell yourself how this task is helping you to achieve your goal in the long run and think about how you will feel when you get to the end.
  • Put up pictures, reminders or a dream board to act as a visual reminder of the achievements you seek.
Spot the signs
How can you stop yourself procrastinating when you don’t even know when you’re doing it, here are some signs:
  • If you can rank the things you are supposed to do right now but this is not even in the top 10
  • Watching tv when you have 6 hours left to do that 2000 word essay.
  • Taking a random quiz and not knowing how you got to this side of the internet?
When you are doing any of these things, know that you are just trying to avoid doing a task you consider difficult and replacing it with a much more pleasurable one.
Try ‘Temptation Bundling’
  • The idea behind this is to do something you love only when you are doing something you procrastinate on, i.e:
    • Only watch your favourite series while doing chores.
    • Only eat your favourite food when doing your job applications.
This strategy proposes that you bundle a behaviour that is good for you in the long-run with a behaviour that feels good in the short-run.
Have the attitude of a boss
  • Don’t allow yourself to be defeated – Get your idea, your essay, your job application completed and go on to go great things.
Don’t let yourself be held back and have a life of regret to look back on. Remember that there is no one who can do this task the way that you can. It can compare to no other, and you are depriving the world of such awesomeness by not achieving it. You are a boss, go forth and do boss things.
✔Idea for post
✔ 500+ words written
✔ Draft made and reviewed
✔Post completed

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