Packing: part 1

Some may say only the criticals are needed…this is up for debate.

Packing, shopping and anything to do with clothes and living really, have slowly become the bane of my life. Why is it that I experience hot weather yearly; yet there is a distinct lack of appropriate, non-sweat producing clothing available in my wardrobe.
Now, this year I actually have an excuse. Due to the recent purge of my wardrobe, in an effort to live a semi-minimalist lifestyle, I have successfully been living with 3 jeans and 5 tops (or so it feels). But how does one continue this lifestyle whilst simultaneously slaaaaaaying for the gawwwds.
Impossible. With the three necessary outfit changes a day and the glow that the Jamaican ☀️ will radiate on my seflies. I just don’t 👀 how this will be feasible.
Also this year, I’m trying not to look too baitly like a foreigner in my own land so don’t want to be too flashy flashy. Apparently, this is impossible also, as my face seems to radiate 1st 🌍 country vibes, even with my eyebrows not did, and God forbid I open my 👄.But I set myself a goal, you know, and I believe everything is achievable.
So, basically what I’m saying is that I have created a shopping nightmare for myself.
Oh and did I mention the wedding…..oh lawd have mercy.
After failing on the high street the internet will, in time, (once I stop 👀 these youtube videos) become my safe haven. With the help of the low to high search bar and summer sale discount codes I’m sure shopping will be a boohoo breeezeee.
I believe in myself guys.
The outfits will be fly.
My Instagram will be lit.
Let’s do this!

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