The Almost Quarter-Life Crisis

I’m 22 and I’m afraid I may be in the midst of a crisis.
I’ve taken the first step now, please clap for me. It’s rough out here and it won’t take a google search for me to know that most of you my age are feeling the same. Today I was comforted by the words of James Corden when he said that none of us know what we are doing here as adults, this blew me away.  Even the successful don’t feel like they’ve got the hang of things,  this must mean I’m normal, and not the oddball my brain thinks I am. Yet I’m still on the search for meaning in my life, a passion you could say.
One of the biggest drives in life is having a passion. If you’re one of those lucky people that have found theirs,  I would kindly ask you to stop reading here; as you understand none of my woes and anguish.
Finding your passion; much like the agony of finding one’s true love; is a painstaking task which has been the bane of my existence. I’ve had crushes on differing interests and some of these flings have lasted a few months but never really stuck. That one night stand with Pole dancing and the on and off again rendezvous with photography were moments which I look back on fondly; however, now I’m looking for something long term which I can invest my time and energy into. That can’t eat, can’t sleep kind of passion which, so far,  I have not been able to find in my workplace.
“Work. It will slowly crush the joy out of you”, my coworker warned me, on my first day at the office. And over time I slowly turned into that old grumpy woman, who reminisced about her youthful days (15 months ago) when she was backpacking around Europe and planning to move to Paris to be immersed in french language and culture. I could still go, but even then, there was an element of running away from the question: What am I going to do with my life?
Honestly, I feel that every time I ask myself this question, apart from depressing me, it is allowing me to really ask questions about what I want from this life. At 22 years young I know that I will never truly be fulfilled by living my life behind a desk. And in order to discover what I really want to do, I need to try new things and find out what I like and dislike. Encouraging everyone around me to do the same. And when I’ve found my passion I’ll look back on this post, fondly and laugh.
Happily Ever After

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